All-New Ford Transit Custom Nugget

The all-new version of Ford’s popular Transit Custom Nugget camper combines the latest vehicle and interior features for more enjoyable adventures. For the first time, Nugget also introduces a flexible new plug-in hybrid (PHEV) option – one of many advanced new features from the all-new Transit and Tourneo Custom family. Ford worked with leading camper converters Westfalia to develop the all-new Nugget camper, which features the popular “multi-zone” unique interior layout that continues to set Nugget apart from its competitors. In the living space, customers can benefit from new premium finishes, enhanced functionality and power from a useful solar roof option to make getaways easier and more comfortable. The Transit Custom Nugget Titanium series leads the phased launch, featuring a tilt roof and 170 PS EcoBlue engine with a new eight-speed automatic transmission. Other models, including the PHEV option, will be introduced across the following 12 months.